How do I use the voucher codes?

To use the voucher code you will need to:

Copy* the voucher’s code from the page then click on the ‘Visit Store’ link next to the promotional code, this will take you to the store

Once you order the product and get to the checkout stage you should see a section to ‘Add promotional code’.
Fill in the promotional code and press ‘enter’ or ‘apply’ so that the code is added.
Check to make sure that the discount has been added before proceeding with the transaction.
If the discount code is not working, please contact the store.

*How do I copy the voucher codes?

To copy the code you can either:
a.    Highlight the code and right click on it and then select ‘copy’ from the menu. When you reach the checkout, place the cursor in the ‘Add promotional code’ and then right click the mouse again and select ‘paste’. This will place the copied code in the box.

b.    Or, you can highlight the code, go to ‘Edit’ on the tool bar (located at the top of your browser) and select ‘copy’. Then once you see the designated area for the voucher code, go to ‘Edit’ on the tool bar and select ‘paste’.

c.    you can copy the voucher code using the keyboard to by holding pressing Ctrl+c. Then when at the checkout paste the code in using Ctrl+v.

d.    If you’re experiencing problems with any other the above methods you can always copy a code the old fashioned way. Grab a pen and paper and write the voucher code down, then when you reach the checkout enter it by typing it in manually into the ‘Add promotional code’ box and press ‘enter’ or ‘apply’.

Why isn’t my voucher code working?

Occasionally, due to update time differences some voucher codes may have been updated or changed on the vendors website but those changes have not taken effect on Raversavers. Whilst we make every effort to remain in line with the vendors voucher codes and latest offers, there may be times when they have expired.
Always check that the voucher is valid and applied to the amount before purchasing on the vendors website.
If the discount code is not working, please contact the vendor.